How to Be a Successful Sugar Baby

For a young, attractive woman, being a sugar baby to an older sugar daddy can be very exciting, sometimes edgy and, also, challenging.

To be a successful sugar baby means different things to different people and it's all about finding the right balance between what your sugar daddy really wants and how you give such things to him.

Yet it's also about you and, if you want to be a successful sugar baby, you'll need to know how to maximise your assets, your personality and get what you want out of the arrangement.

So, for all aspiring sugar babies, we've put together some key things to always remember if you want to be a successful sugar baby:

Successful Sugar Baby

Always present well

Your sugar daddy will want an attractive, nicely made-up, well dressed young woman on his arm or by his side when he is out and about meeting people. It's important for any sugar baby to always look the part - and if this means brushing up on your make-up skills or getting some advice on how to dress to impress it's worth to do so.

Remember, first impressions count for a lot - and whilst you may not like simply being thought of as just eye-candy, it's more than important to look good at all times!

Make sure your sugaring arrangement is clear

The actual arrangement between a sugar baby and her sugar daddy will vary couple to couple. You certainly don't want any misunderstandings or disputes along the way so, to be a successful baby, make sure the terms of your sugaring arrangement are clear. If your daddy says he will pay your tuition fees, work out how much he'll give and when he'll pay. If he says he'll give you a clothing allowance, ask if it will be a regular amount or ad hoc.

Don't be shy about asking as this is a commercial arrangement after all!

Be understanding of your sugar daddy's needs and wants

A smart sugar baby will work out really on what her sugar daddy really wants. Is it companionship as he's lonely or it is simply a physical relationship? Does he want to keep you hidden away as his secret lover or confidante or does he want to show you off like a trophy wife but without the strings attached? Is he tired and stressed out and only wants to rest or is he raring to go and party...?

A successful sugar baby will understand and anticipate what her sugar daddy really wants - and how best to please him!

Keep your emotions out of it

A big issue for many sugar babies is that they begin to form an emotional attachment to their sugar daddy. Now this may not be altogether a bad thing, but it's wise to leave your emotions out of the arrangement. You have to remember the basis upon which your relationship was founded and it wasn't on love or romance. Having said this, there are certainly some sugar daddy sugar baby relationships which stand the test of time, but these are in the minority.

Be strong and don't let the financial rewards you are getting cloud your vision!

Verify your sugar daddy and be safe

Of all the sugar babies we know, the most successful ones are always keeping an eye on their safety; you just can't be sure when you are meeting people for the first time! It's prudent to always use only reputable sugar baby websites when searching for a sugar daddy - and then ideally only look for a sugar daddy who has been verified by the site in question.

Looking after yourself doesn't stop there: when you get to meet your sugar daddy for the first time, always keep a watchful eye out for any unusual behaviour or out of the ordinary comments or suggestions...

Being a successful sugar baby is not difficult, indeed a lot of it is common sense, and we always believe if you stay level-headed, are honest and genuine and, of course, keep a look out for yourself, you'll be a great sugar baby!